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Bushes and Shrubs

In this next section, Karen Fernholz shows how to add bushes and shrubs to your spring/summer landscape board.

Presenter:     Everyone  

Queen Anne Giveaway

You've been waiting all year, and now the day is here! Traci draws the name for the winner of American Miniaturist's biggest giveaway yet, the Queen Anne dollhouse from Real Good Toys.

Presenter: Traci Nigon    Everyone  

Pretty Pleated Drapes

Karen Fernholz shows Bailey Miller how to create beautifully pleated drapes for your dollhouse or room box using a rubber pleater. Look for an extended series on this topic right on Dollshouse.TV.

Presenter: Karen Fernholz     Intermediate  

Welcome to HobbyWorld.TV

Welcome to the future of television, HobbyWorld.TV. Wherever you are, whatever your hobby, whenever you want. We've got your hobby covered!

Presenter: Bailey Miller    Everyone  

Using Your iPad

Thanks to new technology, you can now view your American Miniaturist and Dollhouse Miniatures iMag subscriptions on your iPad. We show you how!

Presenter: Traci Nigon    Everyone  

American Miniaturist: Past, Present, Future

In honor of American Miniaturist's special 100th issue, Editor-in-Chief Kelly Rud and Sub-Editor Traci Nigon sit down to reflect on this great mini mag's history and bright future.

Presenter: Traci Nigon    Everyone  

Hat Pin Holder

Join Sandra Harding as she shows us how to make a hat pin holder using a variety of beads that we can find in our mini stash or just around the craft room.

Presenter: Sandra Harding     Beginner  

Meet Traci Nigon

Meet Traci Nigon, the new sub-editor of American Miniaturist and Dollhouse Miniatures magazines. Visit online at to learn more about these great mini mags.

Presenter: Traci Nigon    Everyone  

Miniature Tablecloths

An essential piece of any miniature room or scene, tablecloths are also very easy to make! Tanya shows you her perfect technique here.

Presenter: Tanya Waughman    Beginner  

A World of Miniatures: Podcast 2

We've got news, views, and plenty to peruse in the second World of Miniatures podcast. Joyce talks to a newcomer about getting started in the hobby.

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Everyone  

Personalized Tote Bag

This little tote bag can be personalized by adding a cross-stitch initial. This project was featured in issue 210 of Dollshouse World Magazine.

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Advanced  

A World of Miniatures: Podcast 3

Join Bailey and Sandi as they look at Sandi's new DVD and try some of her projects in this edition of the World of Miniatures podcast.

Presenter: Sandi Palesch     Everyone  

A World of Miniatures: Podcast 1

Join Bailey and Karen as they browse through mini products and plan for Bailey's "Dream Dollhouse." Watch this film here or on iTunes!

Presenter: Bailey Miller    Everyone  

Wooden Coffee Table

Patrick teaches Dustin how to build a miniature coffee table. Follow along as we learn how to build and finish this heirloom-quality piece.

Presenter: Patrick Kinney     Advanced  

Easy Christmas Wreath

Joyce shows us how to make the perfect mini wreath to adorn our doors at Christmastime. Click the button below to buy this Mini Makes kit!

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Beginner  

Dollshouse.TV Blooper Reel 1

We may be dollhouse miniatures experts here at Dollshouse.TV, but that doesn't mean we're perfect all the time! Here are a few of our bloopers.

Presenter: Betsy Singer    Everyone  

Gift Wrap Kit

Joyce Dean shows us how to wrap presents with this great little kit now available at, exclusively from Mini Makes.

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Beginner  

Miniature Dress Kit

Follow along with Joyce Dean as she shows us how to make this mini dress kit available at, exclusively from Mini Makes.

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Everyone  

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