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Beachside Bungalow: Wiring Episode 1

Tape wiring can be a tricky business, especially if you are not armed with the appropriate tools. Dollhouse expert Gene Olswold is here to walk you through the detailed stages of wiring, and will bring beautiful lighting options to Sara's Beachside Bungalow dollhouse.

Presenter:     Everyone   Series

Welcome to HobbyWorld.TV

Welcome to the future of television, HobbyWorld.TV. Wherever you are, whatever your hobby, whenever you want. We've got your hobby covered!

Presenter: Bailey Miller    Everyone  

Using Your iPad

Thanks to new technology, you can now view your American Miniaturist and Dollhouse Miniatures iMag subscriptions on your iPad. We show you how!

Presenter: Traci Nigon    Everyone  

Meet Traci Nigon

Meet Traci Nigon, the new sub-editor of American Miniaturist and Dollhouse Miniatures magazines. Visit online at to learn more about these great mini mags.

Presenter: Traci Nigon    Everyone  

Miniature Electrics: Episode 2

In this episode, Gene goes through the process of applying the tapewire into the dollhouse and offers his expert tips along the way.

Presenter: Gene Olswold     Intermediate   Series

Miniature Backyard: Episode 2

In this series, Patrick helps us build a variety of structures for our mini backyards. The next project is a great little functioning porch swing.

Presenter: Patrick Kinney     Advanced   Series

Waseca Dollhouse Walk

Kim Carlson is honored to visit the Dollhouse Walk at the Waseca County Historical Society in Minnesota. See how dollhouses can bridge generations.

Presenter: Kim Carlson     Everyone  

Meccano Kit

It's playtime and Joyce has an idea for the little boy in your dollhouse. Have fun making a meccano set in miniature - the classic toy for chaps and dads alike.

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Beginner  

Bonsai Trees

Joyce Dean is in the Dollshouse.TV studio to show us how to make miniature bonsai trees using grape stalks and some hobby accessories.

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Advanced  

A World of Miniatures: Podcast 3

Join Bailey and Sandi as they look at Sandi's new DVD and try some of her projects in this edition of the World of Miniatures podcast.

Presenter: Sandi Palesch     Everyone  

Meet Carol Rosenthal

Meet Carol Rosenthal, a miniaturist who specializes in creating amazingly lifelike flowers. Her passion for real life flora has been miniaturized!

Presenter: Carol Rosenthal     Everyone  

Gift Wrap Kit

Joyce Dean shows us how to wrap presents with this great little kit now available at, exclusively from Mini Makes.

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Beginner  

Wiring Your Dollhouse: Episode 1

Gene Olswold, "The Dollhouse Doctor," shows us how to electrify our dollhouse with the tape-wiring technique in this three-part series.

Presenter: Gene Olswold     Intermediate   Series